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KDXR and the Asset Management Company will contribute to the diversity of society by considering the social impact of our properties. KDXR and the Asset Management Company strives to ensure the safety, confidence, health, comfort and diversity of our tenants and local communities. Furthermore, KDXR and the Asset Management Company recognize “providing environment and social friendly properties” as one of our materialities, and contribute to reducing the overall environmental impact of society, improving convenience through investment in wide variety of properties.

Improving Resilience for Disaster

KDXR and the Asset Management Company have been making various initiatives to be prepared for emergency situations in our properties for the safety and security of tenants' employees, visitors and local communities.

Emergency Kit Box in Elevator

KDXR has been placing boxes of emergency kit in the elevators in case of disaster and machine trouble.

Distribution of Emergency Action Manual Handbook

KDXR published a pocket-sized, portable emergency action manual handbook and distributed to tenants for emergencies including major earthquakes.
The handbook contains various helpful information in an emergency, such as response to major earthquakes, emergency relief activities and how to use AED.

Vending machines for disaster relief

KDXR has installed vending machines for disaster relief at some of its properties. In the event of a power outage caused by a disaster or similar event, products in the vending machine can be provided as relief beverages free of charge.

Improving Tenant Satisfaction

KDXR and the Asset Management Company tries to enhance customer satisfaction through managing its properties. KDXR and the Asset Management Company are also dedicated to increasing the satisfaction of listed REIT investors. To improve the quality of the properties and management performance, KDXR and the Asset Management Company work in cooperation with property management companies, building management companies and other business partners.

Tenant Satisfaction Survey

The Asset Management Company conducts satisfaction survey for tenants in office buildings, shopping centers and healthcare facilities (the person in charge of general affairs and employees, and residents) regarding building facilities and operational services. This survey is undertaken by a third party and conducted every two years as a general rule.
Consecutive survey enables us to capture the tenant needs and quickly respond by renewal of facilities or implement refurbishment and receive strong intention to stay in the same building from tenants.

Contribution to Local Communities

KDXR, the Asset Management Company and Kenedix, Inc., the parent company of the Asset Management Company, have identified “Community engagement “as material topic and taking various unique initiatives to make positive contribution to the local communities.

Collaboration with Local Communities

Signing of agreement
(Ashico Town Ashikaga)

We entered into agreements with Yoshikawa City, Ina Town, Konosu City and Ashikaga City under which a part of Unicus Yoshikawa, Unicus Ina, Unicus Konosu and Ashico Town Ashikaga respectively, can be used as a temporary shelter at times of emergency.

Local Events at Our Properties

We are making efforts to enliven local communities by holding community-participating events at our properties.

Roseo Festival
(Roseo Mito)

Summer Festival
(Unicus Ina)

Kamisato Farmers Market
(Unicus Kamisato)

Clothing Recycling Event at Our Properties

“BRING,” a clothing recycling project, was held at our retail facilities

Event held at MONA Shin-Urayasu

Support for the Activities of Japan for UNHCR

Showing video to help refugees on digital signage

KDXR has been supporting Japan for UNHCR, which is the official support contact point in Japan on behalf of UNHCR, a refugee support organization of United Nations, by providing common areas of our properties as locations for fund-raising activities to support refugees, showing their advertising video on the digital signages of our properties both for free. The letter of appreciation was given by Japan for UNHCR to KDXR.

KDXR and the Asset Management Company will continue to support efforts to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) by supporting the activities of Japan for UNHCR.

SDGs Event at Our Property

As part of its community contribution activities, we held an event to create a Christmas tree using local tenryu cedar trees at one of our property, Sun Street Hamakita. This event not only increased the interest towards local forestry industry, but also contributed to raising awareness to SDGs.
Event link (Japanese Only):

Promotion of DEI (Note)

First J-REIT’s Website with Digital Inclusion

We have introduced FaCIL’iti’s system on the website so that people with visual impairment, hand tremor, illiteracy, etc. can display the website depending on their needs

(Website screen image)

Website screen image
Website screen image

Social Contribution Initiatives by Kenedix Group

J-REIT Study Session for University Students

We have provided J-REIT study session for university students to learn basic knowledge about J-REITs and structures of real estate funds.

High School Student Work Experience

Kenedix, Inc. provided work experience opportunities for high school students. In addition to the tour of Kenedix, Inc.`s office, they learned about the structure of real estate, real estate funds and the current status of women's empowerment.

Donation to Mindanao Children's Library

Support supplies are collected in the Asset Management Company and Kenedix, Inc. and provided regularly to the Mindanao Children's Library. By providing shoes, clothing, and stationery that are no longer needed by each employee, we provide support through recycling. Each year, local children who have received support supplies send us warm messages.

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