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Targeted Sector

Rationale for Demand Investment Policy
Office Buildings Stable demand backed by a solid range of potential tenants Focus on mid-sized office buildings in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area and local core cities
Residential Properties Stable demand in urban areas Focus on the area’s ability to attract people in the Tokyo metropolitan area and local economic zones
Retail Facilities Stable demand for daily necessities Invest mainly in shopping centers for daily needs in the four large metropolitan areas with relatively stable demographics
Healthcare Facilities Growing demand in the aging society Invest with consideration not only of the locational characteristics, but the level of costs incurred by residents and the ratio of remuneration received for nursing care services to the operator’s income
Logistics Facilities Growing demand backed by accelerated growth of e-commerce amid the COVID-19 pandemic Invest in logistics facilities located near major roads and expressways, which provides good access to core cities
Hotels Consistent expansion of demand, driven by the government’s promotion of tourism Focus on hotels in areas with tourist demand
Others Potential investment in sectors with stable demand or growth potential in environmental changes
Potential investment in assets contributing to sustainability

Investment Strategies

External Growth Strategies
  • ● Expansion of investment universe for new growth in addition to the investment focus succeeded from the pre-merger REITs
  • ● Asset reshuffling in a timely manner
Internal Growth Strategies
  • ● Maximize revenues from internal growth through active management
  • ● Enhanced stability with diversified portfolio consisting ofthe largest number of properties among all J-REITs
Financial Strategies

Aim for stable financial management by taking the following measures:

  • ● Reduce refinance risk by diversifying maturities of interest-bearing debt
  • ● Control the Loan-to-Value Ratio (LTV) in a conservative manner
  • ● Stable fund procurement predominantly by major financial institutions

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